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Daniel Omitto from Kenya message

Daniel Omitto from Kenya message
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Thank you for giving me this opportunity to participate in this competition. I am honored. Why should i be picked as the winner? : It is because for a very long time i have really wanted to own a vehicle of my own that i can do business with so as to empower myself, sustain my family and start having a source of income that is stable. I am currently volunteering in a children’s home in kenya, my mother country. Each day i dream and hope that i will be able to own a small car that i can start Taxi services with or a van that i can equally start transport bussiness with. More so i so so believe in cars from japan because they are able to withstand conditions in kenya and are easy to maintain as far as the knowledge i know is concerned. I have started a family, I dont have a job and i have the zeal in me to do business. In addition to this i will also commit myself to NewLife Home Trust Nakuru, Kenya where i will sponsor one of the children’s education throughout. This is because these are needy children. I interact with them on daily basis and it touches me to see them grow without a parent. If i win this prize, it will totally change my life. It will really do and i will be the happiest person in this world!
HOW DO I THINK ABOUT cAR FROM JAPAN? I think it is a brilliant company. I have seen vehicles in kenya with your stickers and i want to believe those who bought them chose the best deal and value for money deals. So to me cars from japan are reliable, trusted and efficient. Thank you

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