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DANIEL KIMATHI from Kenya message

DANIEL KIMATHI from Kenya message
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i would use the win to market the company to my friends who within my age bracket are always buying cars after sometime. Cars from Japan are doing very well in kenya since they are economical in consumption and cheap to repair
you may need to talk to the people who buy cars for sale in kenya from Japan like A-Plus,Bazaar and many others
From my point of view Kenyans like importing cars but because of the economic conditions prevailing they would want to buy cheaper cars. If you can manage to get cheap cars for them they will surely buy
Most of the cars of you find in Kenya are toyota,Nissan,mazda,subaru, mitsubishi and hoda those are the main brands but toyota is the most bought car here
You can also link with the banks which can easily do asset financing and they have been good with financing the banks include but not limited to Equity bank,NIC,CBA,Barclays,Family,Cooperative,and even saccos are doing it
You want to start a branch here in the country and you will never regret
You may also want to partner with some importers and you will get value for your money
you may also want to have an assemblage plant and also bring on spare parts which is a big business in Kenya
Kenya is a favourable business destination for cars and with youth below forty years being the majority you can only dream of big business which will surely be a reality since these youth have money and a car comes first before a house and they would want to keep on changing cars after sometimes
Am glad to hear from you and for any clarifiaction you can always talk to me
Warm regards
Daniel Kimathi

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