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Cyriacus Kaduru from Nigeria message

Cyriacus Kaduru from Nigeria message
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Thanks Lan Phan and car from Japan crew!/group and the sponsors of this campaign. It is my delight to be here and given this privilege. I stumbled on this two years ago and have been hoping and working hard to get selected as a winner.

I have the believe I’m going to emerge not someday, but this year. I love what you guys are doing and I know it is real.

I could see many participants most especially from Africa. That gives me the impression that Africans need it most and we are going to do exploit with these.

I encourage everyone to come and patronize car from Japan as their cars are cheap and affordable. Looking at the price ranges, it’s wow. So, if you to make purchases (cars) this year, your destination should be

To the management, please regarding restrictions on cars importation in some countries, please can you cash value in the event a winner emerge from those region. It not be totally fair if one goes through all the promo/advaert, works hard and wins, and at the end, will not benefit.

So I am pleading and using this medium to encourage all participants to work hard cos sky is your limit.

To the crew, once again, I love you for this laudable project.


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