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Cuty Masango from South Africa message

Cuty Masango from South Africa message
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Hi Cars From Japan,

Attention: Lee Phan (Chief Marketing Officer, CAR FROM JAPAN CO., LTD.)

I cant afford buying a Car for my Dad Cash here in Africa, But Cars From Japan are affordable and the Japanese Used Cars looks like New Cars and the Mileage are very reasonable.

I have communicated with My Family and Friends and they would Like to Purchase on Cars From Japan. My Brother and Sisters are excited to Buy My Dad A Surprise Car at Japanese used Cars, He is 75 Years old and He Is a Ward Counselor in the Remote Area and he is Using A Bicycle to do his Work and with his age it is soo hectic considering the Roads too, that are full of Potholes also Dust.

Hope to Purchase Soon on Cars From Japan


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