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craig russell from Jamaica message

craig russell from Jamaica message
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Hey…I’m a mechanic and I love working on Japanese vehicles I think you guys are the master when it comes to technology and would love to be apart of the team…I have learn a lot on your page and love how you guys teach me how to find and diagnose any problem on the vehicle. 🙂 keep up the great and tremendous work CAR FROM JAPAN. I think I should be the winner cause im a very good asset to support the brand and also continue to help moving the company forward. I have seen a lot of countries selling used cars on their page but to me the quality of the cars they are selling could be better, and to tell you the truth I’m soooooooo impress with the quality of japanese used car the look fairly new and in a very good condition. Thank you for accepting me in this competition and I really hope to be the winner…have a great day.

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