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Courteille virgile from Japan message

Courteille virgile from Japan message
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hi, why should you pick me ?
Let me introduce myself first !
My name is Virgile, I have been living in japan for a while and i am riding a motorcycle because i used to live in tokyo and it was too crowded, i could rarely seat in the train nor breath and I didnt like it much !
I met a nice japanese girl wich i proposed and we are getting our wedding planned !
We have everything we could dream and even more, we will be parents of a French/Japanese little boy in june wich we are just thrilled about.
I should give up my bike and change for a safer and more baby friendly way of traveling. A nice Japanese used car !
Unfortunatly I cannot afford both and if I was choosen, my baby boy would have a Biker Father driving a nice CAR FROM JAPAN.
Thank you very much for giving us a chance.

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