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Claud Kiyogera from Tanzania message


I first thank the competition team for the great effort of promoting and making adverts all very the world to my point. I thank CAR FROM JAPAN for this great and Ideal idea of making social return by offering this competition to us. I think of being chosen as a winner because I am eager and committed to use the vehicle which will be given to me to boost up my small businesses which I have been missing many deals or being late because I do not have a transport facility. I think CAR FROM JAPAN is a leading venturing firm which I already experienced in, this company is the best selling in Africa and it has been doing its activities with faithfulness and the customer care in high manner. I used to drive vans and trucks from Japan are useful and tough enough to survive in hard conditions. In my region if not the whole Africa I am sure that most of the enterprenuerers are using the Car from Japan. It’s not only to have used Japanese car but a reliable car which can handle the situation you are. The greatest of all in CAR FROM JAPAN is on fuel consumption that it is minimum comparing to other Models from other oversee vendors. I really experienced this for the vans which are in economy mode that can be run easier.

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