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Christopher from Kenya message

Christopher from Kenya message
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I am happy to be part of this fair competition of many winners although maybe one shall be selected, I sure hope to one of the winner because my car is in the Japanese used car. LOL,

Here is a reason why I am to be the winner of choice for the car give away;

  1. I recently started an organization that will use today’s technology to encourage more Africans into impact investing. The United Opportunity Association, Reg. No. 48453, is an exceptional Investment Organization under the Society Act CAP 108 in Kenya.

We are an investment organization providing our investors with a much simpler and affordable access to a portfolio of quality, inaccessible, diversified investments.
To enable us achieve our goals and realize our mission, we have positioned ourselves as a community of unlimited small-scale investors.

The journey, with challenges, began its initiation of ground breaking face on the 30th September 2015, and gathered its first leadership team. As we grow, the extensive research still continues.

Before beginning Authorized Operation on 16th August 2016, it was an idea that began its journey back in March 2015 of uniting people of the lower end of the socio-economic hierarchy, followed by extensive research for 6 months on possible Transparency Aided Technology (TAT) and other financial securities to benefit “the given investors” guaranteed real benefits.

Today, we are growing and I am counting countless sacrifices made so far by me and my team of 8 leaders. And as the founder and chair I have always thought if we have at least own one CAR FROM JAPAN, it would help us run most of our activities since we are growing to the neighboring countries and logistically it becomes a tiresome challenge when one uses public transport.

Although in the meantime we have put priority on the growth of the organisation, as said earlier, a CAR FROM JAPAN is a very much needed tool in our organisation, we opted to be more community oriented first by creating jobs while we the leaders still hustle without jobs but push for the change we want to see in our community.

We are just finalizing our first franchise acquisition, so far we are proud because its bringing both solutions to the local citizen and as well creating real jobs.

Our organisation is proud with its achievement so far, and the reason why a Japanese used car is going to make significant impact to our daily activities. we have to serve the people first before we can think of benefiting from this organisation but if it finds you well, the team from CAR FROM JAPAN, you can grant us our wishes of owning one gift of a car.

We will be so grateful for this help if we win one of these Japanese used cars you will offer us, much possibilities of reaching the upcountry members and do more outreach awaits us. Efficiency is one of our core values, and we wish to save time to address urgent needs of our members so truly a CAR FROM JAPAN will surely serve us great impact in our service delivery as the leadership team.

I feel I have explained well enough to earn your attention, with the gift i will become on of your most active ambassadors of the car market. I hope you consider me and my team for the Japanese used car give away.

Thank you once again CAR FROM JAPAN.


Christopher Khaemba from Kenya with love!
Aspiring Japanese used car owner

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