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Christine Odendaal from Zimbabwe message

Christine Odendaal from Zimbabwe message
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Dear Lan and the Team at CAR FROM JAPAN CO, LTD,

Thank you for extending your generosity all over the world through this competition via social media networks. I hope you would consider my entry as a winning entry to receive a grand prize. In all honesty, I have many times in my life hoped on winning the grand prize in a number of local competitions but have never been lucky enough to win anything. It would be interesting to see how well this form of media can earn me enough points to qualify!

I live in Zimbabwe, which is a third world country in Africa. here the economy is not strong and it is very expensive to buy a new car. I entered the competition in the hopes that I could be the winner of a good Japanese used car. This would make a huge difference to my lifestyle and really be a blessing to my family who will have the benefit of using the vehicle to get around.

Once again, I say thank you for this opportunity and I will be liking and sharing your page to increase my points.

Kind regards,

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