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chrissy mumba from Zambia message

chrissy mumba from Zambia message
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In the world today many countries have automobile industries .Having done my own independent survey over the years, l have come to understand beyond any shadow of doubt that cars made in Japan are world class cars nice good looking reliable dependable and comfortable. This is true and it can be confirmed by the fact that in Zambia 90% of cars on the Zambian roads are cars from Japan. A few of individuals that l have interviewd on the reliability of Japans cars many have said that Japan’s cars are second to non. True there are second to non. Talk of spares there are readily available in a number of shops across the country. Surely it gives pride and joy to own a car from Japan. To the company that is selling cars to all parts of the world it important to continue with business. Zambia ,population is growing and mid income category of the citizenry is also growing as such everyone is dreaming of owing a personal to holder car. In short stay in business there business rewards coming .The other unique thing about your company is that you sometimes appreciate your customers by giving out cars for free. I believie there is power in giving it is My sincere hope and prayer that many people world shall be convicted to do business with u always. I pray God opens heart of people across the world to love your products. Indeed you have enabled as many people as possible to own cars. Many never thought that it can be possible but today it is and it shall always be. I promise to a leading among many advertisies for u where ever l go around the great nation of Zambia.A lot can be said about Japan cars those who own one well agree that there are so unique and fantastic. One friend of mine was saying
In the near future Japan car company should consider setting up car out let in a few selected capital cities of the world for example Africa can have four outlets. North Africa, West Africa, East Africa and central Africa respectively. This can be costly but it is worth considering. I believe bring some benefits to the company and to those who would be potential customers doted across the continent of Africa. The idea of selling good second hand vehicles has really made every one ‘ dream come true .Every Zambian today is saying and wishing that Japan was a neighbouring country either like Congo Zimbabwe Malawi Tanzanian Niambia Angola Bostwana Mozambique then every Zambian would own a car. The buying of cars from Japan has helped the government to begin to think outside the box in Zambia today the current government has built a number of raods and bridges just to accommodate the ever growing freet of cars that entering through every day from the great republic of Japan in this case the Japans company that is selling the cars cheaply. I believe the aim of the company is to empower humanity with cars for mobility. Indeed people” lives have been lmporved.Those in businesses attest the fact that when u have your own car from Japan it is easy to do business in the sense that you can move from point A to B with little or no difficult .More so you can criss cross the country to advertise and do business with the effectiveness and efficiency required in the world of business.Surely Japan vehicles remain world class reliable dependable unique and comfortable. I shall always encourage friends and relatives wishing to buy cars not to look elsewhere but to look to Japan for good cars favorable and affordable.Japan is the destintion for all those contemplating buying cars now and in many years to come.who ever thought that women can drive or own cars? Japan made things possible by making cars so well designed appealing and fashio able to women folk talk of toyota rava and many ofher cars tbat speak to women folk Today the number of women buying cars from japan is increasing at a very lighting rate which is good for business .The number of women shall continue to grow because of the reliability and user friendly of japan cars .Just the other day one of my neighbour was saying to use we should all be thankful to Japan for coming up with automatic cars at least people are able to learn quickly and begin to drive those days of manual cars it used to be extremely difficulty to learn how to drive. This is true those days it was not easy but it is easy.Tribute should go to Japan car markers who came up with such unique and brilliant idea of automatic vehicles which are easy to control when on the road. Truly there is no much stress when driving though some people will say automatic cars have reduced thinking capacity and concentration by 60% however this is debatable .many of our sisters brothers mothers fathers and grand parents who died before automatic cars came on the scene if they were to come back they could be surprised at the same time delighted that massive innovation has been achieved by Japan for coming up with such brilliant automatic cars. Interestingly like l said before spares for Japan cars are available as such it is easy to buy a car from Japan one does not need to travel or buy on the net spares. You may not have the spare part in Lusaka but just a throw stone in kabwe within Zambia you will surely find it.Japan cars are simply the best to those thinking of buying a car go for Japan cars. They are available cheaper well made unique reliable dependable comfortable spare parts are readily available you will never great. Try to get one look after it well it well save you for a number of years your grand children yet to be born may find the Japan car.

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