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Chongo Kennedy from Zambia message

Chongo Kennedy from Zambia message
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I have been reading and following keenly the general lifestyle of the people of Japan. One intriguing thing that I have learnt, that one thing which identifies and distinguishes Japanese is HARDWORK. Am surely inspired by the level of attitude and dedication towards work as exhibited by the great people of Japan. I hope one day I will have an opportunity to work side by side with a Japanese… I would really love to.
CAR FROM JAPAN is so unique in more ways than one. It is among the few if not the only team to give numerous tips on various topics about automobile. I so far enjoyed reading topics (even when am yet to own my own car) such learning a manual transmission in 8 steps, manual vs automatic vehicles, how to be cost effective on gas, and many more educative tips.
Another distinction of CAR FROM JAPAN is that one can find a dream car here. They stock neat car of elegance. Cars of all types for all people world over.
It cannot go without mention that affordability is one well known language of CAR FROM JAPAN. I had taken time to look at the prices and I found than it is easy for every one to buy a car here.
I for one would like to be picked as a winner because I need a car. I am covering a distance of 20KM daily to go to my place of work. It become expensive hiring a car to n fro. Secondly l would truely love to have a FEEL of how it feels like to receive a gift as big as a car! It has never happened to me, not even my siblings had such an experience… I would be honored. Lastly, it’s a commonly accepted notion in Zambia especially here in the rural areas that “one’s child is everyone’s child”. What I mean is that when am picked as a winner of a car by CAR FROM JAPAN, the car will benefit many people in countless ways.
Let me end by thanking the people of Japan , particularly the CAR FROM JAPAN team and all associates for coming up with this wonderful idea of empowering people. Thank you very much.

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