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Chitiyo Tichaona from Zimbabwe message

Chitiyo Tichaona from Zimbabwe message
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Cars from Japan Japanese used car

Who would have thought that life would change drastically for Zimbabweans in this 21st century. It was only a dream for those who lived in the 20th century that they will own there own car one day, but nowadays in this 21st century it takes only four to twelve months for middle class people to save for a car.
Thaks to Cars from Japan we can now afford to own our dream car which can take us upto five years driving it without challenges. These cars range from trucks, suv and others.
Japanese used cars are changing lives of many people in this region as they are providing transport to many people as we as employment for many job seekers.
Jobs which come as a result of these cars include trade agents, drivers and clearing agents.
I feel its now high time Car from Japan open or built trade centres in this region to make your empire wider as many low income earners wish to own cars of their own but are facing challenges when it comes to duty and fraud dealers.
personally i feel Cars from Japan is doing a great job to raise our living standard through job creation at the same time improving our transport industry.

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