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CHESKO JUSLAI from Tanzania message


regard me to win a car because i am the best buyer of car from Japan

Car from Japan is a good car in the
world and very cheaper to buy or to
sell and is very low price than other
car in all country in the word
example Tanzania in my country is
very very cheap and this company
very impressive and very good about
handling and care of all customer
like a dealer BE FORWARD is very well
in case of customer care about
bargaining and about transportation
of your car up to your home this is a
good things about business
And I’m willing to be a good
promoter of Japanese car in my
country and another country like
Kenya Uganda,South Africa,Malawi Mozambique
others country in Africa and the world

Moreover there is a security of car from Japan in case of transportation from Japan to the host country than any dealer from the world

Japanese used cars are very liable
as they not only sell used cars for
money but also to satisfy their
customers with the best value for
money spent and live for long time. From the moment of
introduction to the website through
an ad I knew that It was going to be
an adventure and so it was as I got
more and more fascinated with the
quality,price and endurance of every
Car from Japan is one of the most
liable things especially in my country
Tanzania. Over 99% of the people own car (me inclusive) in Tanzania
has a car from Japan as they are
durable and efficient in every way
and most importantly doesn’t put a
great expense on the pocket.
The reason I should be chosen as
the next winner is simple it would be
my first car and I would love the
chance to experience the satisfaction
others feel when they make that
special bond with a car from Japan..
Regard Chesko Mbilinyi

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