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Charity Musakaruka from Zimbabwe message

Charity Musakaruka from Zimbabwe message
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Japanese used cars are the best cars known for an outstanding fitness and reliability. Due to the durability they last long and travel many miles without any damages. Furthermore car from Japan has low maintenance cost hence they’re worth using as far as cost saving is concerned. Japanese used cars saves money at the pump and reduce vehicle emissions due to high gas mileage. Here in Zimbabwe Japanese used car has made living standards better to a greater extent it has created employment as well as income earning level capacity.I have seen lives being changed through cars from Japan for example many families are paying fees at better schools from the income earned from Japanese used cars being used as taxis throughout the country.I believe if i win this car it will make my life easy in raising money for my day to day basis as well as paying my fees.It will be a dream come true to be the first girl child owning a car in my family a life changing opportunity in my community where by women are capable of being independent that is managing their lives on their own.I pray and believe this will be achievable even if i fail to win i will try by all means to raise funds so that i could buy one of my own.2017 it is my year of having it all that makes earth a better place to be including a car from Japan.

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