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Chanda Mulenga from Zambia message

Chanda Mulenga from Zambia message
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I would like to win a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN as it will help me with my daily commutes. I am a student studying Computer Science and transport from home to school is quite hectic.

I believe a Japanese used car will greatly help reduce the load on transport costs and will also help me be in time for my classes. One problem I face with using public transportation is the lack of efficiency. Some public transporters lack the sense of urgency that is needed to get me from point A to point B within good time, especially when I’m writing tests and quizzes.

Another reason would be the help I would get on shopping day. Carrying a lot of items in public transportation raises a lot of security risks. It might not be so common but it is still possible to have goods stolen from your person while using public transportation. With a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN, I can reduce my security risk as I would only allow people I trust in the vehicle with me. In the unlikely case that they take something from the car, it would be very easy to identify or locate them.

Thirdly, public transportation is an easy place to get exposed to germs and bacteria. There are some people who have poor hygiene and are walking hazards who could potentially infect with a sickness, especially airborne sicknesses such as influenza. If people don’t cover their mouths while coughing those germs are free to swim around the next person’s airspace and infect them. With a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN, the risk is greatly lowered. Of course medication is best but starting with lowering my exposure is a start.

Lastly, owning a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN would definitely be a dream come true. I can think of all the opportunities that would be open for me. Apart from being a student, I also have certain small contracts that require me to move around town to meet clients. Being late to such meetings is very hindering to my progress in the field of concern as potential clientele would perceive me to be unserious with my craft. Therefore, efficient and reliable transportation is a requirement for me. Aside from that, I like to move around a lot. That ism from one town to another. I have a lot of friends and family in other towns and, being able to call them beforehand and make a plan to meet them in good time is a dream of mine. If I were to win a Japanese used car from CAR FROM JAPAN I would be truly grateful.

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