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Chance Ansayile B. Malema from Malawi message

Chance Ansayile B. Malema from Malawi message
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Why pick me as a winner?

I have the ability to increase your sales through marketing, thus by sharing friends and relatives information pertaining to your types of vehicles in stock and their prices, this is increasing the rate of spreading the news about available stocks.

The ability to work as an agent to sale those cars right in my country, that means after negotiations cars would be sent to my country for sales to customers right at their vicinity.

Be able to explain to customers about durability of Japanese cars compaired to other stocks, affordability to suit ones pocket.

Development that they would bring in the community where they live, advantages of comfortable life they bring, profits realised in terms of transportation of people to and from their areas and back.

Transportation of goods and services being made simple.

Businesses be able to flourish.

Workers be able to get loans facilities if cars are within their reach and affordable.

Since everyone wants and needs a car the flooded markets would enable lower prices hence increased demand

the more workers see and discover the importance of having a car, the people will request the government to establish a policy which wouls assist the working class to own cars for easy transportation to their work places.

The government would in turn benefit from taxes realized from insurances, duties and others

development would be obvious

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