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CHALA FREDRICK from Zambia message

CHALA FREDRICK from Zambia message
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Firstly I thank the living God for the opportunity you have granted me.

Japanese cars are not like any other cars. they are durable and are always up to date with the ever increasing demand on design and make of vehicles.

From my childhood as a boy growing from a typical village, where one could only see a car once a year, the first car that i saw was a Japanese car Toyota though i could not remember the exact type it was.

From that encounter i gathered with me wire and began designing the care that i saw. since then it was my dream to own a Japanese car but how to own it was a question which went unanswered for years until now.
To sum it all, I strongly believe i am the right winner. not only will the car make my dream come to pass but it will also show the world that the toyota company is not interested in making money but goes far beyond to making the dreams of people all over the world to be a reality.

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