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calvin from Tanzania message

calvin from Tanzania message
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i would like to own car from japan because is affordable and environmental friendly to our country. through small business i believe that i can buy a car if not i will be a winner so i trust this amazing car from japan.. big up!
i wish i could be a winner of car from japan because of the these car is very rigid, strong and very quality with different shapes. i think wen i won this the people from Tanzania will appreciate this vehicle and will prefer to choose car from japan as their traveling vehicle. Japanese car used also is the one which can be affordable to the Tanzanians people due to the economic status of the county whereby the most citizens are poor and can not afford to by a new car. so that this campaign of car from japan will attract more people especially in different regions in Tanzania. there fore the people from Tanzania will be happy wen they can own individually car from japan. for me i believe one day
will be a winner of the car from japan whether used or new and that point will be the stating point of maximizing the number of the participant in the campaign of the car from japan. For that a can be the ambassador of the car from japan by increasing or maximizing the number of customers of car from japan. In that way will be the sponsor of the car from japan whereby people in the wold wide through media and social networks such as whatsApp, Facebook, twitter, Instagram, tv, radio and magazine will get news from these medias and social networks.
you should pick me as a winner because i have an ability to convince my friends and relevant s to choose car from japan thought Facebook, email, twitter and Instagram. also in my mother country there a lot of people who want to buy a car so the high demand of the car in our country will be the chance to the people who wanted to by a car from japan through my campaigns. now i have more than hundred friends that can able to spread the news which can attract more people wold wide to choose car from japan. my expectation in this campaign is to win the car which will make a desire to my friends in order to make an efforts towards owning car from japan. thaks…!

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