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Caleb Namondwe from Malawi message

Caleb Namondwe from Malawi message
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It is my pleasure to be involved in this competition. CAR FROM JAPAN has made cars easily accessible to people who could not afford to buy a car at very affordable prices. In addition, it is very nice to have such an organisation operating in one’s country. It contributes to the development of the country. When people buy these cars, there is reduction of transportation problems. People have their own means to move from place to place which also adds security to one’s luggage or life. The organisation has agents in our country: Malawi who assist people on purchasing and duty calculations as well as how they will get their car and when. It gives one the confidence that they will have what they want in good time and in a way, it gives people the space to plan how they will purchase their car/s. I am proud to have such an organisation operating in Malawi. Keep on the good work.

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