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Bonnie Gaileko from Papua New Guinea message

Bonnie Gaileko from Papua New Guinea message
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What a wonderful opportunity given by your company, a gesture worth telling others because what you are doing is reaching out to others who may not be able to afford purchasing the car. You are providing a service to all equally in the community despite their social status. This will truly be lifting many out of poverty in ways you may not know.
Owning a car is not a want but a necessity for me as a woman living in a city which is difficult to travel around easily due to the public transportation system. Not only that, but also risky for a woman to travel alone in the public transport. Having a car will enable me to effectively do what I have to do on a daily basis with ease. This in itself will be already alleviating a degree of social discrimination between the rich and the poor. I would be forever indebted to you if I were selected in this competition and truly your kind gesture in running this competition is really bringing your service to everyone and promoting equality in my community.

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