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bittu santra from India message

bittu santra from India message
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this means mam i love japan because i have win this car so it will help my family because my family is very poor i am driving other person car that he pay me the salary if i have my own car so i can drive my car and earn money for my family thank u so much sir one more thing if I got chance to go Japan in life so shore I will come to Japan to meet u I am very glade that I have take part in you completion it is the first time in my life that i am taking part in compition because i love japan in my other life i want to born in japan sir i want to come japan to do jab that i can do something in my life to be a man that people say that is bittu is going and i hope to win this challenge and i know that i will win this challenge i always confindence on me and my family also one day i will come to japan to see u sir and i always pray to god that he always keep u and your company happy and healthy in your life sir i dont know that who will be the winner its depends on u sir my wife is pragent if i win the challenge i will give her in gift that car and i promise your company will be number 1 in all world thank you so much sir take care soi will take car from friends also love Japan because my friend already went their but I never went their because I am from very poor family please do something for me sir that I will be something in my life.sir my parents told me that never give in the life if i louse the compition so i never give up i will try again in this compition and one day i will winn this compition in my life i hope one day i will join your company in japan sir your company is ideal for me in my life i laways give respect to your company and to your country one day my family will proud on me because they said me that my son done something in his life sir i dont have much money to buy a new car for my family.thank u so much sir i hope i will win this compition.

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