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Biriaam Amon from Kiribati message

Biriaam Amon from Kiribati message
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Mauri Lan Phan

It’s also a pleasure for me to join in this competition for all I desire for is getting a transport of my own if possible from your side. Beside that I’m also need your response to my request, if I can get the least expensive on every information such as cost of port and etc, cause for reality I choose this competition as it is a free cost if I’m correct, but it’s okay, I’ll see what I can do until the end.

Thank you again and looking forward to hearing from you.

Biriaam Amon

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  1. Rubanga Stephen says

    Japanese cars generally are good also depending on some one’s choice that includes the model and make. My experience with Japanese cars is the fuel consumption which is very pocket friendly but above all one should have the love and care for what ever make of a car you have, that’s alone prolongs the duration in term of years. Single handed because you have owned your property over years counted from 1st day dreams.

    My feature dream of a car is like 4x4wheeldrive landcruiser TX -UL for cruising hard to reach up country given the opportunity. Looks forward for the promotion.

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