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Betty from USA message

Betty from USA message
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I would love to have a truck but we can not afford one at this time. Neal has had 2 strokes and the last one was December 25th, 2016 and he is not driving at this time. We live in the country and we haul our trash and yard waste to the dump so as you can see a truck would come in so handy. We also have to use our car to get mulch and fertilizer and anything else we need. We are an older couple as I am 70 and Neal is 65 so our incomes are limited and we can not buy and do everything we would like. I have heard the Toyota Tacoma is a great truck and one that I feel like I could handle. I think that it is wonderful that you are giving away these vehicles and I would consider it an honor and privilege to be able to win a Tacoma. I sure hope you will pick me as a winner as it would make my life so much easier. Thanks so much for giving me the honor to be in the drawing and I sure hope I win.

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