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Bessy Chamo from Botswana message

Bessy Chamo from Botswana message
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I live in Botswana (Africa) where most people buy, sell and use cars from Japan because they are affordable and the car parts are inexpensive and affordable. If you select me as winner in a foreign country like this, it will show a commitment and appreciation to this nation as in most countries Japanese used cars have been banned. I will serve as an inspiration to the people of my country and as an advertisement of your company. Car from Japan also is a sort of a new thing in this country I got excited when I saw the advert, for the first time an offer where I do not have to pay to win a price which shows that it is really not a scam. I also love the fact that the time frame fro the competition is long enough to give people a chance to apply which means the competition is fair. You also sell nice cars which are affordable, The car parts are available and affordable to most people who use Japanese used car. You can also pick me because my country Botswana has a good relationship with Japan, in way its sign of friendship and commitment to us. And also its an appreciation and give back to the people who have supported you for such a long time. With this I beleive I make it into the final draw. Thank you

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