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Bernadette Kathleen Arua-Posa from Papua New Guinea message

Bernadette Kathleen Arua-Posa from Papua New Guinea message
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Thank you CAR FROM JAPAN for giving me this opportunity to enter this competition. I have always wanted to own a car of my own, but could not afford to purchase directly from Japan. This completion gives a lot of hope for those who have been dreaming to own a car, basically those who are in the same shoes as me. I hope that this competition gives me a chance to win, which I will be the happiest person on this planet. Japanese used cars are very good in condition including body and engine compared to others, I am not sure about what others say, but this is my honest opinion on Japanese used cars. I have friends who buy directly from Japan, or purchase from one of the motor dealers here in our country to purchase one, I tell you, vehicles are almost same as a brand new unit.

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