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Benjamin Tindimwebwa from Uganda message

Benjamin Tindimwebwa from Uganda message
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First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratefulness to you all for creating an opportunity for me to join in this competition of the grand campaign. Truly I say, this has been an opportune time for me to seek and find the truth. As I opened up my email in-box this morning at around 11.00am, East African standard time, that is when I got this noble call for joining the competition, which in this regard I would consider it as truth sought.
From that time up to now, all the day long, I have been energized and motivated to act as required on the stipulated guidelines to the fulfillment of the requirements for this competition.
Following the zeal and excitement coupled with hardworking, I am optimistic in winning this competition.
I am an insightful, cooperative and hardworking individual, able to effectively apply both verbal and written communication methods to achieve desired results. I understand team dynamics and use a flexible interpersonal style to contribute to the effective functioning of teams and to the completion of team goals. I am an individual who likes to work and accomplish whatever I have set my mind and hands on. I always want to follow a well defined structured plan of action. I am good at networking with people and look forward to attaining great exposure. About being good at net-working with people, it is evident that on different platforms I interact with them. Platforms of face -book,twitter, WASAP, GOOGLE and many others are frequently used to strengthen the skill of net-working with colleagues.
I will be picked up as an over all winner in this competition of grand campaign undoubtedly due to some if not all of my personal attributes/ qualities specified in the above paragraph.
I have my saying- thus “determination is a flag of success”. Now that I am determined, success lies in my hands. I am obliged to tirelessly work for the achievement of the set objectives.
My father has been in the past owning Japanese vehicles, and there was no any single day I would see him using other brands of cars. I tried to ask him as to why he chose Japanese cars. The following were the reasons he spelt out for me;
-Japanese cars are comfortable
-Japanese cars are user friendly in that their fuel consumption is very economical.
-Japanese vehicles are more durable.
-Japanese vehicles are easily repaired in case there is a breakdown.
Japanese cars spare accessories can easily be obtained and more over at subsidized price.
Japanese cars if imported, they don’t incur more tax.
All these above seemed to be plausible answers to the question to my Dad. In few of all these reasons above, I personally did not want to disagree with my Dad, but just to take it at my heart and wait until time would come when I would own my cars and assess the situation practically.
Through my being ambitious, zealous and hard working, at some stage I managed to get a Japanese used car, later got a different car and non-Japanese. I compared the two in all those aspects my Dad had stipulated. The results correlated very well with those of Dad’s. Japanese cars became outstanding.
It is on this background and reasons therefore why I consider using used Japanese cars very friendly.
The cars I Have driven in my life are only 4, of which 3 were Japanese Cars. I last had vehicles four years ago.
My financial position changed and could no longer have one, not even a bike. When I see this opportunity emerging, I feel proud because my dream of getting back to driving moreover a Japanese car would come true.
I pray that I emerge the winner by merit.
Thank you once a gain for all this provision.

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