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BENJAMIN THOMAS from Saint Kitts And Nevis message

BENJAMIN THOMAS from Saint Kitts And Nevis message
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Firstly let me say that I like what I read about CAR FROM JAPAN that their ultimate goal is to enrich peoples’ lives; especially those who are in need; by connecting them to one another and by extension help them to facilitate trade. I also like that CAR FROM JAPAN believes that a means of helping to enrich peoples’ lives they must be willing and ready to give their listening ears to their customers (as I believe that listening constructively and intently to people is quite crucial and important) so that this can help them bring about new and innovative changes in their endeavours. In addition to listening to their customers, I especially love reading that CAR FROM JAPAN not only believes in satisfying their customers/clients, but intend to do all they can to satisfy them in the best possible ways, which was assured by their statement, “Our focus is on retaining customers rather than making sales, because we believe that every great business is built upon customer satisfaction.”
Reading also that CAR FROM JAPAN offers to all peoples the opportunity to start their own business through their minimum risk & affordable prices was not only inviting but also comforting to my as I plan (in the not too distant future) to get involve in the buying and importing of Japanese used cars in my country – St. Kitts and Nevis for sale or to provide a Car Rental Service affordable to all.
Secondly, I thank CAR FROM JAPAN for its Car From Japan Grand Giveaway 2017 contest that not only runs for a few months but for the entire year of 2017. A contest such as this allows any and every one to participate and have an equal opportunity to become future winner. I’m very appreciative for this contest because I really would like to have a vehicle of my own, however, due to my pursuit of my Maters Degree in Educational Administration and Leadership my present financial position does not enable me to purchase a vehicle that I find ideal for my family and myself, which is a Japanese used car, preferably a Honda Accord from the year 2003 on wards. In fact being the winner would very much assist me in easy and convenient movements from school to school collecting data for my research project/thesis so that I can finish in time for graduation this year (2017).

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