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Bazarwa Domitian Rugundiza from Tanzania message

Bazarwa Domitian Rugundiza from Tanzania message
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I am very pleased to be registered, Car from Japan are the best useful in my country, Tanzania. It encompasses with the nature of our infrastructures, also they are good energy consumers. I think I have to be among of winners so as I can increase my joy and services with Japanese CAR. They are also cheapest compared with those from other Countries!. Using Cars like Toyota, Nissan and other many, encourage me to love Japanese Car. For instance Toyota Kullerger, Hurriers, Verosa, Mark X, Rav4, Carina etc, they are much experienced cars in Tanzania. I need Car for my business and family.

I am the father with vmarriage and two children, I used to get difficulties when I am sending my child to school especially when it is raining! I waste time to escort my young daughter, just because I do not have car, especially loved from Japan.

Please let me be amongst the winner. You know Japanese Equipment are original and of high standard. Not only cars but also others.

I have ability to sustain my family needs but I fail to rise my capital because of lacking means of transport.

I am serving as a teacher teaching computer and G geography, but I am limited with absence of transport.

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