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Barisiba Juma Abdi from Tanzania message

Barisiba Juma Abdi from Tanzania message
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My name is Barisiba Juma Abdi am from Tanzania am a student in one of our country universities taking the field of automobile engineering am very touched with the opportunity that you have gave to us people like me. Am a working hard boy in any thing am dedicated at am very much inspired with what you do am a person who aims at innovation and success i have inspired and invited people around me as well as social networks i believe owning a car will increase my abilities relating to my field and help me in my daily movements. To own a car has always be my dream please make it come true.
2.How do think about car from japan? Cars from Japan are high quality cars which are offered at affordable prices such cars are toyota ,suzuki ,daihatsu ,isuzu,nissan,datsun,honda,subaru, lexus,mitsubishi and others . I recently follow cars from japan through there email and in our my country there is beforward exporter company which deals with exporting and deliver Japanese cars to the required destination.
Conclusively, cars from Japan are saviour of the world today especially to most of developing countries because cars from japan they are sold at affordable price and operate at low cost(maintenance ,affordable and availability of spare parts and good fuel efficiency).

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