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Bareen Taisara from India message

Bareen Taisara from India message
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Hi…… my name is Bareen i want to win this car….. i think after winning this car my many problem will solve. Iam faceing lot of funancial problem and iam 8 months pregnent…. me my dad and my family facing a lot of problem we have a debt of rupees 300000…. my dad he don have any work right now he faced a lot of losses in business. We dont have money to pay house rent, light bills to be frank we sont have money to eat a good food we are cooking one day and eating for 2 to 3 days. Doctor told me to eat good food fruits dry fruits but we dont have money to buy all this…… so please help us if u dont give car also thats ok please help us with some money we will b very much thank full to you all please…….

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