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BANITI REDFERN TATOKA from Kiribati message

BANITI REDFERN TATOKA from Kiribati message
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As far as I know, my country I born to it and lived with all my life, using cars from Japan the day I realized the thing which named a Car or Vehicle till I was this age. My country and people live in it always comments that some thought cars from China were copies, not original and condition was not good that why it very cheaper, for USA some thought their cars were quality like Japan but not reach Japan’s knowledge lol, and useless because the wheel at the left side and in our country only vehicles using the wheel on the right side So Japan is their main target to import Cars, cause they can afford the price and known it quality making and stay longer for years to work and use, it worthy.
I wonder people nowadays in other countries can see this and try, well my country pretty much sure 100% that Cars from Japan are the Best of the Best. For as I know some our agents import cars from Japan and some from China, the both parties compete on their sales and the outcome always the Chinese cars was all sold out, so our people wonder why is this happen while all of us known that Cars from Japan were qualified.
The marketing went on and on for years and in the end the Agents for Chinese cars were dump and loss, because many of their Cars returned and people complain and want their fund back as they just use the car not over one year and it shut down. The sad thing no one can give reason even the best mechanic or engineering cant sure of the shutting engine down.
It brings nightmare to these agents for Chinese cars while the entire fund has used up for their marketing and buying, but they never give up, they still tie the chain with Chinese Cars for reason it very cheaper, Unfortunately the more their cars taken the more damage they got so what they think it better to swamp their agents from Chinese to Japan.
They also notice that their Competitors were still running well in their business because no one have return their Cars in years going by, no one. They try a bit by bit to find their connection companies from Japan and start negotiate on what they will import.
Years went pass while they start ordering Cars from Japan, first time they thought it very expensive and their sales not reach their first time when they start over with Chinese’s car. But they keep the business on and what now they see, they known in our country that it the best Agent for Cars,
Why they are the best because their Connection from Japan can give them free car whenever they order many cars, and that We agents fond of, they are not only looking into them, He’s not look in their income but they also look into their customer hardship and care for his or her maintain, hope people especially you agents for vehicles why can’t just check Cars from Japan.
People in my country here Tarawa Kiribati, whom have Cars from Japan never complain, their only comment you can heard is ‘’wow I wonder how many more years this thing will live on, I thought I just bought it yesterday still looking shinning and giving you no sound so the better you caring for it, the better it running well.
So it my outlook, give a try order your Car from Japan and you’ll believe what I said here.

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