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Bahati Soter from Tanzania message

Bahati Soter from Tanzania message
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Dear lan,
Am so glad to have join this competition as i believe if i get luck i will get selected to own a car which i have always dream of.Why should i be picked as a winner? As a youth who have graduated two years ago am employed with a salary which can only make me afford my basis needs. Have to Work and serve until i can afford to buy a care will take me many years. I have always be a good ambassador of car from japan and though i have no be able to buy a car i have referred so many people who are interested to buy one to look at your website. On my mind i think CAR FROM JAPAN is a great it is very easy to excess. i also love Japanese used car because this used cars looks like NEW cars, They have quality and the price is good.Am looking forward to win…GREETINGS FROM TANZANIA.

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