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Awori Babra from Uganda message

Awori Babra from Uganda message
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Its a challenge to use public means everyday from home to my workplace. I have to wake up early at 5:00 am to prepare and by 05:50 am I should be on the road but due to insecurity reasons, I leave at 6:10 am.
Its about 21 – 22 Kilo meters of travel everyday by taxi.
I can not attend most social gatherings because of the long distance and using public means takes about 2-3 hours to arrive at home depending on the traffic Jam.
Winning a car would help me arrive on time at my workplace, it would help with attending family gatherings, work parties and individual programs.

How do think about CAR FROM JAPAN?
This is a good venture for all especially an average man to be able to afford a want and a need. Prices are affordable and the cars are of good quality.
Services are on time.

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