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Asiimwe Abel Arnold Bimbona from Uganda message

Asiimwe Abel Arnold Bimbona from Uganda message
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First of all thank you for this chance;
I’m not familiar with my direct competitors, but I can assure you that I am an excellent pick for the prize. I not only have 15 years’ experience of driving Japanese used cars, but have promoted among my contemporaries to consider importing Japanese cars via online.
I have an extremely passion for Japanese Cars which allows me to use them effectively and efficiently. This is what made me a successful user of Cars from Japan. I feel as though I could bring a lot to the company that deal in Japanese Cars, both in terms of my exposure to and firsthand experience of handling such cars. I would be a well-placed promoter in my country when I win this competition for a Japanese car.
Secondly I want to be the winner because I love Toyota Land-cruiser it is a car that is in my column of the cars I must drive before I die.
Thirdly if am picked as a winner your products will receive a lot of mileage because of my rich public profile and clout.
Cars from Japan are generally of high quality performance even when they are Japanese used cars.They are both affordable and rich in variety, Japanese cars have made an impact not only on the world market but most especially among Ugandan Drivers and will continue to so for a long time ahead.
Fast forward a few decades, and the dominance of Japanese vehicles in the East African(Ugandan in particular) market means there’s an excellent availability of spare parts and mechanical support for their owners. Workshops often have more experience of servicing and maintaining Japanese vehicles as these cars are very popular with motorists. This means problems with Japanese vehicles can often be quickly resolved, and offered to consumers at a lower cost than with, say, European cars.
There are countless number of advantages in buying Japan used cars. Most Ugandans prefer to buy used cars because they are cheaper than new cars.
If you’re looking for a good quality and affordable car from a reputable manufacturer, there is a good chance you’ll end up driving home a used or new Japanese vehicle. The price of these cars has been levelled down by the vast amount of used vehicle dealers, but they still offer excellent value as they are packed with features, including relatively up-to-date safety technologies.

The Japanese automotive market is fiercely competitive and so consumers there expect more for their money but also, in Japan, drivers who own a car that’s older than three years will usually have to pay for a costly compulsory safety inspection. To avoid this payment – and because of the low costs of buying a new vehicle in Japan – it’s actually more economical for Japanese motorists to frequently replace their vehicles. As a result of this turnover, a lot of cars with a lower price tag are brought over to East Africa thus Uganda, and they aren’t necessarily worn out – which is great news for local drivers in the region.
However, being cheap alone doesn’t make buying a used car advantageous. There are many more reasons that makes buying used cars far better than buying new ones. Japan used cars are preferred by most people today as they are manufactured by renowned brands.
It’s more attractive financially to obtain a car directly from Japan, even when you include the extra fees and monies you pay for shipping and taxes. It’s simply cheaper to buy a car directly from Japan than it is to buy a similar car made in Western world.
Another reason behind this great demand of Used Japan cars is that Japanese drivers are careful to maintain their car cosmetically and mechanically so virtually all cars put up for sale or export will be in great condition.Don’t automatically assume that quality is compromised because Japanese cars cost less. Back in the 60s and 70s, Japanese vehicles were some of the few you could rely on to actually start up the first time you turned the key in the ignition. If things didn’t work, Japanese manufacturers simply worked on them until they found a solution to improve it and, ever since, their cars have become well known for their reliability.
When speaking about the advantages of used Japan cars over the new ones, the first benefit blinking in our mind is the bundled accessories. Japanese cars are usually equipped with many options like air conditioning, power steering, power windows, air bags, ABS, music systems and much more. You will never have to spend an extra penny for adding stuff to your car.
There are many service providers who list all the used car exporters in Japan all in one place. They gather the used car inventory information from almost all the used car exporters and list them in their website. All you have to do is to search the particular used Japan car with a few mouse clicks by relaxing in your home. With so many good reasons, there is no reason why one should not consider importing Japanese cars.
I look forward to being picked to be the winner.

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