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Artwell Tasara Manamike from South Africa message

Artwell Tasara Manamike from South Africa message
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Thank you for this great opportunity once again.I am pleased to be part of CAR FROM JAPAN competition.I believe in Japanese used cars as much as I have seen friends and relatives who have made it to buy them.They are just as good as new and they come sparkingly clean and in excellent condition.These are cars to dream of.
As one in a competition I wish to win not only to own a car but to help CAR FROM JAPAN trade their name internationally.I wish to stand as an advertiser of this great company.You know there is nothing in this world that is more worthy than to be part of a winning team or part of a successful group.My wish is to stand as such and hopefully this is my chance now.
Yours in great anticipation of being a winner.
Artwell T Manamike

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