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arinze from Gambia message

arinze from Gambia message
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woowwww!!! where should i start? i am like is this for real or is it just a joke? and on the second thought i began to think that this could be it you know… a chance to own a car of my own.
As i read the example topics as to why i should be picked as the winner, i smiled and thought of just one reason as to why i should be picked.
I enter other peoples car all the time, they give me a ride and at times i do stand by the roadside waiting patiently for someone kind enough to stop and offer me a ride and when i eventually get one and i am inside the car, i do imagine myself being the one behind the wheels you know,controlling the acceleration and breaks times it do make me giggle.
I always get so fascinated about driving my own car. OOOOHH i cant just stop thinking about it as i am writing now….i just cant imagin myself being a sole owner of a car..WOOOWW that will be AWWWWSSOOOMMMEEE…. i will jump much higher than MICHAEL JORDAN..

Sincerely speaking, i just love cars from Japan.. they are very efficient and wonderfully designed. Japanese cars are the BOOOMMMMBBBB…5 STARS TO THEM….Thier cars are just so nice. really…. so Fantastic.

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