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Antony kulomba katumo from Kenya message

Antony kulomba katumo from Kenya message
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hi, am antony k.katumo from Kenya, since I’ve known cars, Japanese motor cars are the best coz they are cheap to maintain, durable, comfortable while seated inside, easier to drive, their spares are found every where world wide, there spares are not so expensive, you can’t find a Japanese car breaking down any howly on the road,most of them may share the same spare,if you go all the way around Japanese car are all over which were manufactured so many years back and are still on good condition, they don’t loose the resale value,even on buying a second hand Japanese car it gives you enough service as long as you’re servicing the car well,Japanese cars are always the leading car on the roads, ie. as you drive on the road the car in front is always a TOYOTA and Toyotas are from from Japan is normally made to adhere to any climate anywhere worldwide,Japanese cars are of so many types ie four wheel drive motor vehicles, sportcars,luxury
Japan buses, big lorries to carry heavy loads is mistubishi FH, HINO500, which can load a capacity of 12tons and HINO 700which is loading a capacity of 28tons also they have tractor which are used by farmers to cultivate their big shambas, they also have big lorries known as FSR,FVR,all of this are IZUSU and can be used multipurpose coz if a customer buy’s one he can use the vehicle for long distance transport services or short distance transport,at the same time like in my country KENYA if your bank statements are running good then you’re able to be given a car then you pay some little amount of deposit where by the rest balance you will be paying on monthly basis, Japanese car are best coz no day it will fail you in any of your business ie if anyone gets a contract or any tender and vies for a Japanese lorry, Japanese tractor or an excavotor he/she is sure to succeed because on attaining those vehicles he will also be given Avery great discount and at the same time he may also get good chances of be given such vehicles by paying such amount of money as deposit and pay the rest every months end. so according to me Japanese motor cars are the best world wide and not comparable with other types of cars.its better a Japanese car even if is second hand (used car) than to buy a complicated car from other fake companies.
Antony kulomba katumo.

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