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Antonio villafana from Trinidad And Tobago message

Antonio villafana from Trinidad And Tobago message
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Yes I would say something nice and that is you should pick me as one of the winners. I have always preferred car from Japan over all others since I have come to know about car from Japan. I think you all should consider someone from a different country this time and don’t favour only African countries. There are a lot of other participants that is really deserving of a car as well or prizes. I have participated in car from Japan campaigns before but unfortunately I was not successful but I don’t give up so at least this time I will be looking very closely at how things are this time. I know why Africans would be preferred because it will cost car from Japan nothing or very cheap to deliver the prizes to them but hey you can’t always think like that. I know I should be a winner but because of my country high standards you all won’t pick me I am Antonio villafana and I should be a winners pick for you all at Japanese used car. I am honest and have been known to speak my mind. Please understand even though I have spoken my mind car from Japan is still the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be so keep this in mind at all times. All I am asking is to be considered in this campaign that is all I asked of you car from Japan I don’t have a lot to say I believe in getting to the point and saying what needs to be said in a short and sweet way as I have done here. So I guess my words and intentions are very clear and anyone can understand what I am trying to say .I meant no disrespect and I hold no grudges but I know how things can be difficlut in choosing a winner but all in all remember me on your day of choosing a winner I am always here appreciating and promoting Japanese used car so the least you can do is show some consideration and consider me I have never won any campaign that car from Japan has offered before. So if car from Japan is about fairness and integrity, honesty then it will not be and all African winners campaign there are others like myself that is just as determine and deserving as anyone else. OK what I had to say I believe I have said it so it’s up to car from Japan to read it and understand it and act in the interest of fairness OK car from Japan let’s do this I do not wish to be disappointed again. So car from Japan do what you do best and continue doing what you’re good at as I await with impatience to see the out come of this campaign. Thank you for bringing out another campaign an I look forward to being considered by car from Japan. Now that has been said I can now say what car from Japan is the only used car company from Japan that believes in giving back to it customers and supports .do anyone knows of any other car company does the things that car from Japan does? Don’t think so however people come in and see the value for your money or order and experience the best service and best quality vehicles that Japan has to offer. It’s very clear Japanese used car are becoming well know allover the globe and as everyone knows Japanese used car they are what they say there are the best there is or as I like to say the best of all time. Now I am not just saying this things because I want to it’s because it’s true yes it is. Now the last time I was not successful I failed miserably but that doesn’t mean car from Japan is at fault or they are bad or bias in anyway I never lost hope there is always a opportunity in life and in car from Japan trust me when I say that.the gold is to make everyone aware that Japanese used car is the only place where you can get a price to your budget and quality vehicle for small money. So my point is very clear I say this to you car from Japan keep up the great work that you all are doing and I really do hope to see some massive changes in picking of winners in this campaign and I do hope that all is being done fairly and let’s us all hope for the best. In my closing I would like to thank car from Japan and also thank Mr enam and his team I know that they are good and I think that they are doing a great job so hats off to all of you. Like I said I am know to speak my mind so I am doing just that thank you car from japan for all your campaigns and hope to be a successful participant from here on wards. Thank you I just can’t wait to see the results what a joy it would be I am that I am we are what we are stay bless thank you!!! MY TIME IS NOW REMEMBER SHARING IS CARING.

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