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Anthony Muriithi from Kenya message

Anthony Muriithi from Kenya message
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Japanese used car are generally more reliable and less complex. This is especially true for older cars. Japanese cars are less expensive to repair and more tolerant of poor maintenance generally. They also give a far greater performance per money paid for them.

Car from Japan engineering is superior in that it does the most with the least. It does the most in terms of performance, maintainability, reliability, ease of use. If I were to ask any engineer they would probably say it would be better to work with a bigger budget and all but the masochists (or puzzle solvers) will acknowledge that this is so. Like most things, the work is far easier when you have more resources to play with. A good artist can move you with a full palate of colours, a proper assortment of brushes, and canvas. A great artist can move you with a pencil. Smaller budgets require more creativity and resourcefulness.
Lexus to to name one of the many great product, has the ultimate in reliability and has great refinement. Infiniti has great reliability and performance. That era of looking look past all the psycho-social fluff(non Japan cars) to the metal(Japan cars) has long passed even the blind can see what’s actually true.
My definition of a luxury car is basically quenching the thirst my sense would give me and how else better would that happen if not a Japanese car which is not only reliable and less complex but also efficient,with a low maintenance cost and has an irreplaceable performance!
If I win car from Japan,I will not only fly higher your already raised flag,but I will bestow on myself the responsibilities of being your brand ambassador here in Kenya which am sure you are aware is one of your biggest supporters.

#Don’t just drive own car from Japan.
Thank you and Kind Regards,
Anthony Muriithi

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