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ANTHONY MSUYA from Tanzania message

ANTHONY MSUYA from Tanzania message
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Lan Phan,
hope everything is fine from you guys, from my side im doing fine
first of all i would like say thank you for this opportunity and be part of you.
second i always take a look and search for best car from japan and i found you guys. very good and good condition, i will keep in touch for advertisement and aspire people to make sure they take car from you guys,
About car from japan, has good car and nice condition for sure. good customer care and services. i appreciate you guys ! i will bring more customer to you share information about you car from japan.
if will be winner i shall make and support you guys and keep in touch for long time business and share with my friends everywhere. i had friends want to be car dealers from Tanzania. first priority goes to you guys car from japan. already share with him about your website and everything..

thanks for this opportunity very proud of you, let keep in touch for business.
i would like to be a team member of car from japan. i have an idea for this business in Tanzania. what matters is i don’t have a capital to start..

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