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ANNE WANZAU MUSYOKI from Kenya message

ANNE WANZAU MUSYOKI from Kenya message
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I certainly have a lot to say about Car from Japan. I recall where I was born in the countryside, cars where scarce. As little children, we would listen keenly when we hear from afar the sound of a car and run to the road just to catch a glimpse of the machine. We would wave our hands to the whoever was on the car amid childlike smiles. Well, thanks to Cars from Japan, our village homesteads boasts of several homes owning Japanese cars. I believe my neighbors who own these cars had those childlike dreams to own an automobile one day; we all had. I dreamt of owning one too. It will be a childhood dream come true if I be the winner. Japanese cars are great performers in our part of the world. They are not guzzlers hence very convenient for a Sales Representative like myself. Car from Japan also look good. It is a blessing to be owner of one. Most of the cars I see on our roads in this part of the world are used Japanese cars. Japanese cars are not that expensive yet they are performers not to mention how sleek they are. One thing I should never forget to write about is how homesteads have benefited with the availability of these cars. We no longer have to take our sick patients to hospital on donkey back or ox driven carts or wheel burrow. Japanese Cars have been a blessing to our society and how blessed I will be if I be the winner. Then my childhood dream will come true, that I become a owner of one of these coveted machines. May God grant me favor. Live long Japanese Cars.

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