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Anna Clark from USA message

Anna Clark from USA message
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Please pick me as the winner! I am a very hard-working person. I put myself through two colleges to become a specialized type of teacher, helping handicapped children learn to read and do math. These colleges are important because I was able to earn two certificates (plus the college degrees), that demonstrate I can teach not only reading, but math, social studies, geography, and so many more subjects. I don’t have a lot of money now, because I am paying back my education. I have incurred a lot of debt due to my college expenses. Along the way, I have volunteered in many organizations helping others, such as senior citizens. Also, I have worked with an environmental group to clean the beaches near my town. I am young, but I am strong and kind, and want to help others to make their world a better place. Thank you so much for the opportunity to win a prize. Even if I don’t win the car, I am grateful for the chance to win anything. Thank you very much and I appreciate your company!

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