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Anindito Suangga Mangawe from Indonesia message

Anindito Suangga Mangawe from Indonesia message
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I honestly can’t give any reason why should you pick me as the winner, because I think in giveaways all participants are equally deserve to win. But one thing that I can tell is that this giveaway from CAR FROM JAPAN is really amazing. To some people it can be really helpful. We know the quality of Japanese cars, even if they are Japanese used cars, they still give one of the best performance. Especially here in Indonesia, Japanese cars can be found everywhere. As for myself, I don’t own a car at the moment, so I use public transportation every day. I have been longing to be able to own a car for several years, but I just can’t afford it. I need a car so that I don’t always have to feel rushed everytime, especially when trying to catch buses and trains. And also to take my mother to work, she has weak knees and still have to catch a train everyday to go to her office. So I think that this giveaway is an amazing oportunity made happen by CAR FROM JAPAN, it will help people greatly in their daily basis activities, especially people who can’t afford to purchase one. I wish everyone good luck.

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