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Anindita from India message

Anindita from India message
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If I get a gift from Japan, I would cherish the gift all my life. I would spread the word loud and clear as to how Japan helped me get my dream car. I fell in love with :not a model,not a pet,not a person,not a beach house but with a Nissan Micra Automatic ( CVT Model ) car. Due to huge financial debts I haven’t been able to afford buying one for myself yet. But an Nissan Micra has been in my mind for long and will be in my life soon all thanks to the lovely culture of gifting in Japan. I wish the Japanese a huge success in their campaigns and hope India would be one of the biggest markets for Nissan some day. But, for now I can just spare a prayer and nothing more to Nissan. I hope to be the proud owner of the car some day and would spread the word loud and clear how Japan helped me get my dream car and the car is definitely a must have for every city car rider in town.

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