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Amina Mohamed from South Africa message

Amina Mohamed from South Africa message
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this is my 2nd year entering this competition and i am very hopeful that 2017 is my year. I am a South African mom of 3 and i trust that Car from Japan will make my dreams come true. Not only will i be a first time car owner at the age of 42 but i can be proud and honoured to win a car from CAR FROM JAPAN. I would love to own a Japanese used car like the Skyline Gt R34 as it is my dream car. no other car matches its speed and beauty. my kids will be priveleged to be taken to school and soccer practise and at the same time be safe from the dangers of crime on our streets. as much as i enjoy walking my kids to school , i cant help but feeling a bit jealous of the other parents and kids driving in their luxury vehicles .there are two things i want in this world ,my own car and to travel , especially to Japan Once again i urge CAR FROM JAPAN to select me , a female ,so i can represent your brand as the best in the world. i thank you so much for your excellent service.

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