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Amar Khalid from Tanzania message

Amar Khalid from Tanzania message
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I have always wanted to get myself an SUV. From the moment I landed my first job three years ago, I thought to start saving for a car. The RAV 4 is my choice of car, a beast on the road and so it would be very cool to get the latest one. I think what CAR FROM JAPAN is doing is very commendable. From the customer service, to offering the very best cars at very affordable prices, you have been instrumental in inspiring and changing the lives of many. Your mission “enriching lives” speaks volumes and one can honestly see how big an impact your initiatives are making.

I like your approach which dare I say is the best in the auto-industry being very customer focused. I like the website design, your professionalism and prompt service. What a company does within ultimately affects the consumer in some way and it is apparent that you have taken the time to carefully design all processes to ensure the very best customer experience. It is not just about buying a car anymore, it is about buying a car while armed with comprehensive information, industry comparisons, car facts, maintenance tips, service history, owner history, value-add services, incentives such as free shipping and insurance, delivery to select cities, good pricing and more. Great marketing can spread the word, but good service will bring you customers and retain any existing ones. What a consumer really wants to hear and see from a company is that you care. Your staff, your communication, your policies, programs, internal partnerships, problem solving abilities should be and are all strong enough to deserve the reputation of an auto-sales industry leader. The spirit of listening, offering changes and solutions to the lives of millions is no easy feat. I have read your testimonials and heard recommendations so I know I can vouch for you. The market is dynamic and to thrive, you have to obviously innovate but you know the glue that holds it all together is customer satisfaction and a consistently perfect customer experience.

A car would help me commute, help me grow my startup business and get me to places I’ve wanted to see without a lot of hassle. I also think it would be a bold statement from CAR FROM JAPAN towards consumers that you listen and care to make a difference in their lives. I cannot think of a better gift.

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