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ALLY SAAD from Tanzania message

ALLY SAAD from Tanzania message
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I think you should pick me as a winner because i think i am the best ambassador who try to by best level to make a campaign on the use of cars from Japan although i have not own any car and this is due to the fact that i have participated in different Japanese Cars competition but i fail to be a winner may be because it were not the right time for me to be a winner bu i think Now the time has come for Japanese used cars to choose me as a winner and make my dream of having my own Japanese ca to come true.
Car from Japan is the best cars i have ever seen due to the fact that despite of using importing Japanese used cars they still have the high quality and someone may think its anew car due to its look.
On the other hand Japanese car is one of the best cars sold in affordable price all over the world and even peoples with normal per capital income can afford inn buying his or her dream car.
Also Japanese cars is my favorite cars because their spares is available quickly when needed and they are sold at an affordable price,and at the same time Japanese cars are the one which are made with high standards with the best car company in the world.

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