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Alfred Peter Masesa from Tanzania message

Alfred Peter Masesa from Tanzania message
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Japan is the Asia’s superpower both militarily and economically,China has never ever gone to war by any country, so it’s not possible to weigh Japan and China.
Japan took part in the II World War,and it was about to defeat the US,if the US could not have dropped atomic bombs into the cities of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, the US could not have won the war.
The Pearl Harbor attack in the US by Japan, was the historical and barbaric which is why the US launched sarcastically attacks against Japan.
Despite those nuclear attacks which got back Japan in developing, the country has done much in creating its torn apart economy, and became the world’s largest car exporter.
Though the US is the world’s first superpower but it doesn’t export as many cars as Japan does.
60% of the world’s cars belong to Japan.

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