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ALFRED KABWOYA ASENA from Kenya message

ALFRED KABWOYA ASENA from Kenya message
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If this happen this in the coming month or July it will be my wedding Gift i will Give it to my fiance as yesterday we went to see a friend and we walked for a long time and she told me she pray i buy a car some day so we can never walk for long distances any more why we had no fare at that time and i dint know it pained her a lot to see we are on foot in one of the most wealthy estate people passing us in their cars and we on foot. What a gift it can be to us for real.
They have a brand that has been originally known to me us Original and not copy write brands they are very Honored brands and their cars are very classy when it come to real cars. This will be a history to see a wedding car as a gift on 5/08/17 lovely.
For over 30 years the Japan cars have been a big brand in Kenyan market they are of quality and cheap to afford,they are also available when spares are needed and they are easy too maintain so an average person can easily afford them. They have a best history in the car market which i believe and have been flooding on our highways meaning many people love them.
Japan is rich in models and that is why they have cool cars as children we have always sen our highways with japan cars to speak and having one from them for free its a big bonus to me
thank you for hearing my story, How i will be when the dream cam real a car on my wedding day for my fiance which i cant buy her now since i have no money to buy that,

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