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Alfred banda from Malawi message

Alfred banda from Malawi message
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Car from Japan have proven to be the number one choice for African continent in a number of ways , Almost 90% of vehicles being used in Africa are japanese used car especially in southern africa the percentage even increases to 99% .In early 90 ‘s people thought that buying a car was only for rich people and for Government and was even regarded as a luxury but over the years people have realised that its a necesity to have a car and this has been made simple by the availability of japanese used car or car from japan on the market.
its quiet interesting how these vehicles have dominated the market and all this is possible because of the following factors
a) Low price cost: the price given is affordable and a customer has a wide range of choice to buy the type of vehicle which he/she desires without spending huge amount of dollars
b) High quality : These are vehicles of high quality which surpass the price given to it and very fit for african roads ,resilient
c)Fuel Consumption or effiecient: Even though countries are struggling with their economy but Car from japan still gives room to individuals to use their vehicles without drawing much from their pockets on fuel ,as one can drive a long distance with few litres of fuel,people prefer to drive to their home villages than using public transport as it is cheaper that way !!!!
d)Reliability and durability: These are all vehicles you can rely on with no hesitation ,talk of spares which are locally available , and it and a very cheap price you dont have to wait to send someone abroad looking for spares ,This doesnt happen with japanese used car
E) Business Wise/Job oppotunity: car from japan has even created jobs to some individuals which now they can earn a living through buying and selling of these vehicles ,this is all possible because of the cost attached to it

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